Wig Library

Within the Southern Highlands Cancer Centre wigs are available for loan from the wig library and access is also provided to samples of turbans, scarves and other headwear. 

There is a wide selection of varied styles, lengths and colours and the volunteers of the Cancer Council Information Centre are ready to assist in the fitting of the wigs.   

  • The wig library was established jointly by funds supplied by the Wollondilly Cancer Support Group and by the Southern Highlands Cancer Centre Trust Fund. With the $6000 raised, the Wollondilly Support Group also made a cabinet to house the wigs and the sample turbans and scarves.
  • Ongoing wigs are purchased by the Southern Highlands Cancer Centre Trust Fund.
  • The duration of a wig loan is dependant upon the individual concerned. Along with the wig comes a ‘Wig Kit’ comprising a stand, a brush, shampoo, conditioner, and care instructions.
  • Contact details for wig suppliers and the ordering of scarves, turbans and headwear are also available.
  • The Southern Highlands Cancer Centre has moved from Holmhale Street and is now located at : 
Southern Highlands Private Hospital,
93-95 Bowral Street,
The direct telephone number is 4862 9470