Southern Highlands Cancer Centre Trust Fund

“Cancer Care For All”

The Trust Fund was originally established in 2008 as a result of a substantial donation made by a local resident, whose wife was a cancer sufferer. He wanted to ensure that the donated funds were used to assist other cancer sufferers and their families who live locally.

The objective of the Trust Fund is to use donated or raised monies to improve the care and comfort of our patients by :

  • Delivering safe and effective care to our patients, their families and carers, by purchasing and having available, 
    up-to-date equipment to use in their homes.
     The equipment to be purchased would include, but not be limited to :
     - Air mattresses
     - Electric beds
     - Special chairs
     - Oxygen concentrators
     - Morphine pumps
  • Providing the best possible cancer / oncology education programs to our patients, their families and carers
  • Establishing and maintaining a wig library for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • Aiding local clinical trials and research

The Southern Highlands Cancer Centre Trust Fund is managed by the Southern Highlands Foundation.  

For more information on the Foundation, visit their website

All donations to the Southern Highlands Cancer Centre (SHCC) Trust Fund are tax deductible and are deposited with the Foundation.

Donations can be made by either of the following methods :

1)   By a cheque made payable to :  ‘Southern Highlands Foundation – SHCC Trust Fund’. 

Post to the Southern Highlands Cancer Centre Trust Fund, Southern Highlands Private Hospital, 93-95 Bowral Street, Bowral, NSW, 2576.

Please ensure you provide your contact details so that an acknowledgement can be made and a tax deductible receipt sent.

2)  By a direct bank deposit to the account of the Southern Highlands Foundation :

  BSB 062511    Account No. 10243632. 

The Southern Highlands Foundation will need confirmation of the payment to be sent to them by email 

Please show that the deposit is for the 'Southern Highlands Cancer Centre Trust Fund' and indicate the sender's name and address so that a tax deductible receipt may be forwarded.

For further enquiries, you may contact :

Jenny Harper
Chief Executive Officer
Southern Highlands Private Hospital & Cancer Centre
 02 4862 9400


Jo Pearson
Nursing Unit Manager
Southern Highlands Cancer Centre
02 4862 9472