Living Well After Cancer

Finished cancer treatment and ready to move on ?

You may find that you see the world differently after cancer. Perhaps you feel that others don’t understand your experience and expect you to “get back to normal”.

Cancer and its treatment can bring a host of practical challenges, from changes in appearance and body function to managing the emotional and social impacts.

The Living Well After Cancer Program is a free community education program, held throughout NSW, run by The Cancer Council NSW with trained cancer survivors. This 2½ hour program includes practical information and open discussion for people who are cancer survivors, their carers, family, friends and work colleagues.

Participants will :
  • Learn about the possible changes, challenges and opportunities they may face after completing cancer treatment
  • Have the opportunity to connect with others on a similar journey
  • Share tips, ideas and activities for living well after cancer.

Information about the program is on the Cancer Council NSW website  click here

“I am so grateful for this program. I felt so lost when I finished treatment ... I just thought everything would go back to normal.”

If you are a Southern Highlands resident interested in attending this valuable program for cancer survivors, their family and friends, you can obtain further details by telephoning 1300 200 558 or by emailing


To enquire when the next Living Well After Cancer program for our district will be held, ring 1300 200 558  for the cost of a local call.

Cancer Council NSW works in partnership with the community to defeat cancer.

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