Community Speakers Program

The Community Speakers Program was developed by Cancer Council NSW to provide the community with relevant and up-to-date information on issues relating to cancer, such as prevention, early detection, support services and Cancer Council events.

Community Speakers are volunteers who give their time and skills to educate the community about cancer. They are recruited and specially trained to promote awareness about cancer information and support services.

Many social groups, clubs, sporting bodies, and workplaces request guest speakers to provide an important link to current information. In this way, cancers may be prevented or more easily treated if they are detected early. As well as that, we know that the promotion of healthy lifestyles will significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

When a community organisation requests a presentation, the Community Speakers Program means that Cancer Council is able to respond in a prompt and flexible way that meets the needs of the community.

Need to book a Community Speaker ?
  • For organisations in the Southern Highlands, this can easily be done by contacting the Co-ordinator of the Community Speakers Program for the Southern Region. Telephone 4223 0200 and they will arrange for a speaker to contact you.
  • Speakers may be able to use modern forms of presentation such as PowerPoint. Talk to your speaker about what facilities will be available at your venue.
  • Remember to request your speaker at least 3-4 weeks before your event.
  • Presentations are free of charge for community groups and community organisations.

Cancer Council NSW works in partnership with the community to defeat cancer.

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