Patients and Carers appreciate palliative care


Many cancer patients and their carers have expressed their appreciation of palliative care.

Published below are just a few of the comments made to Wingecarribee palliative care staff and volunteers about how much they were helped when they needed it most :

“I have discovered that during this time you just need quiet, calm, unhurried and good listeners. The nurses that come give you the impression they have all the time in the world even though you know they don’t … … … They focus on my husband but they have time for me as well.” E.W. 67 yo female carer of husband.

“I am terribly impressed with the attitudes and kindness …… it’s that extra level of support when you’re not in as much control as you would like to be. It’s the human connection and a form of support that most people wouldn’t even think of.” D.T. 76 yo female client, living alone.

“I felt isolated and didn’t know where to turn……once Palliative Care becomes involved it is much easier for the carer. Before that everyone just seems to be concerned with the medical aspect of things … … … Prior to Palliative Care there was no discussion about the tough decisions to be made; reassurance that you are doing the right thing. Palliative Care definitely gives you the feeling that you have someone to fall back on.” M.W. 71 yo carer

“Ongoing support is the best comfort, this is all new to me, to us, so we’re travelling down a road that we don’t know but it’s a great comfort to know we can call on support to help us when we need it.” P.O. 59 yo carer.

“They let me know what to expect with my disease progression and let me know the options …. .… they take the time to answer questions, let me know what I should be doing now and then; talks about what the future will bring.” B.Y. male client.

“It gives you a kind of freedom because you’re given permission to talk about things that are probably uncomfortable under other circumstances. You can get things in order and you have time to do that.” M.S. 58 yo female carer